Drain line Jetting

What Are Drain Line Jetters?

Trailer Mounted Sewer-Drain Line Jetter

Drain line jetter systems are used for cleaning and maintaining drain and sewer lines. A typical drain line system consists of a controlled high-pressure pump or pressure washer, a flexible high pressure hose, and a nozzle that utilizies a hydraulic force to pull the hig pressure hose down drain and sewer lines cleaning the sides, unstopping clogs, and flushing out debre.

Jetters come in a variety of makes, styles, and capabilities. There are units made specifically for residential use and units built to handle larger commercial and municipalities sites. Jetter sizes range from handheld units to large trailer-mounted jetters.


Typical drain and sewer line jetting applications include de-icing, thawing frozen drain lines, Hydro Excavating, degreasing restaurant lines, clearing residential sewer lines, root cutting, removal of mineral deposits and corrosion, descaling cast iron pipes, industrial pipe and tube cleaning, and locating damaged areas within drain and sewer lines.

Other possibilities include cable pulling for voice and data communications cable, hydro excavation, and fountain maintenance.

The goal of drain line jetting is to get a solution in contact with whatever is obstructing the line and flush it through the pipe. Cleaning restaurant lines, especially restaurants with heavy grease build up, require higher pressure along with lower flow rates giving a the spray better scouring action on the pipe. Larger commercial plants like packing plants, food plants, etc. require a higher flow volume to flush solution down the pipe and break up debre.


Warthog Drain Line Jetter Nozzle

When approaching a jetter job nozzle selection is critical for getting the job done. Different nozzles have different spray patterns and in turn do different things inside a pipe. Nozzles with spray angles closer to the center line of the hose or parallel with the hose's center have "more pulling power" which is necessary to tow the hose down the line. Nozzles with wider angles (pointed more directly at the pipe walls), are more effective at cleaning the pipe. To break it down, if a nozzle has better cleaning power, it has less pulling power.

Research and experience will mostly determine which nozzles will wokr best in different situations. The basic rule of thumb is to break through any clogs in the line first then go through and scrub the line.

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